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Saturday, 10 September 2011

My sweethearts.

This is me (in the middle) with HAFIZAL BASHARUDDIN *the caps lock is purposely on hahah and my lil sister. Hanging out with these two monkeys is the best thing to do whenever I feel bored. Or mad *cause I can shout or yell at them as much as I like cause they're heartless. Hahaha, nonono. Not to Fyzal cause heartlesss is not the best word to describe him. Softhearted, maybe. Yeahh, whatever is it, his heart melting smile will surely make my day. And adik, yeah this girl is COMPLETELY HEARTLESS and SUPER STINGY. But no matter how heartless or how cute they are, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH *blueakkk. They were always there with me through the ups and downs.

P/s Awwww he is so cute. And adik too * vomit!

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