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Friday, 28 October 2011

You'll be okay :)

I know you'll be okay. I dont know what happened but you'll be fine. Kita dah tak rapat and macam total stranger pon ada but aku tau ramai orang yang amik berat pasal hang.

What do you think? :)

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sometimes I can be very mean :)

Dear *you-dont-know-who,

Gambar-gambar hang semua ada kat kami *you know which one :) So, watch out! Dont piss us off cause you dont wanna know what we gonna do with those pictures. And dont ever think to bahan us again or treat us like we dont know anything okayy. I mean come on, we're not kids anymore. Muahahahahahaah Iman can be very meann. Bila aku reveal gambar tu baru hang tau that we're not as innocent as you think and you can simply mess up with us. Yes. we are growing up but we're not STUPID. Kan adik? :)

If you mess up with the bull, you'll get the horn.

Ohh yeahh, wanna mess with the kids? We're gonna screw you up!

P/s Clubbing is one thing, minum arak? Wow! Impressive okay ;)

Be a man.

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I just want you to protect me, you know. I didn't feel protected at all. Be a man, Fyzal. Aku rasa aku accident depan mata hang pon hang tak kan tolong punya. Setakat nak tolong backing aku pon susah. So girls, look for a guy that you can rely on and you're sure that he'll do anything for you.

P/s I still love him </3

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

He's right.

[1:29:32 AM] hafizal basharuddin: kalau kau buruk so sedar
 [1:29:12 AM] hafizal basharuddin: hang nie mmg
tak sedar diri
[1:25:32 AM] hafizal basharuddin: tgk cermin dulu
[1:25:37 AM] hafizal basharuddin: kalau elok tape
[2:42:34 AM] hafizal basharuddin: lantak kau la
[2:42:36 AM] hafizal basharuddin: muka kau

Bila Hafizal Basharuddin pon kata macam tu, apa lagi orang lain. Aku pon tak suka jadi buruk. Kawan dia gelak kat aku pasal aku buruk pon dia tak marah kawan dia. Sebab dia gelak sekali dengan depa. Hmmmm. Boyfriend tak boleh harap, kawan tak boleh harap. Habis nak buat apa?

Bunuh diri? Nanti orang tak ingat dah yang mana satu Iman Si Buruk tu.

R.I.P Nur Iman :)

It's OVER?

I asked Fyzal about us. He just looked away. Okay, I know I've changed, a lot. Semua cakap macam tu. Tapi in a good way kan. Wake up people! Aku tak guna hp, aku deactive Facebook *then active balik, hahah, no point, start sembahyang penuh. See? At least I'm trying. Aku rasa sekarang aku dah matang sikit kot. Cuba kurangkan perangai kebudak budakan. Fyzal just dont get it. Dia nak aku layan dia 24 jam. Sekarang aku tak suka la nak bercinta gila gila. Bercinta teruk teruk pon aku rasa tak dak point, right? So its better bersederhana tapi kekal.

Gosh, I felt like beating him up in front of everyone.

This is me when I'm happy.

Orang cakap aku susah nak senyum, muka asyik serious ja. So, this is me when I'm happy. I wasnt happy. I was hyper. Hahaha. Ni time kami photoshoot kat Penang Turf Club. Aku photographer so gambar tak banyak *of course la. Kalau nak tengok gambar photoshoot tu view profile Zur Afeesya
Aku tak dak la gila photography ka apa kan. Dulu la. Sekarang... Idk. Boring ja. Well, people can change.

One word to describe today 'awesome'.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Oh, this is me *after the plastic surgery, of course in my Valentino's wedding dress.
My bridesmaids will be adik*time tu dah kurus, Feesya, Nad and Kim Kardashian.

You're STUGLY.

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STUGLY stands for stupid and ugly. Yeahh I'm talking about school holidays. Macam biasa bangun pukul 12 mandi pukul 2 breakfast pukul 3 tengok Oprah *yeahh I know Oprah's for loser. Pastu tadi Afeesya call ajak sambut Deepavali. Gelak sat 3 minit. Then nganga sampai tertidur balik. Hahaha. Im so Rebecca Black. ROLF. Cuti sekolah boring! Asyik asyik lepak dengan adik. Ugh! I think thats all for today fans *haha. Nak sambung discussion dengan adik balik pasal apa nak beli kalau tiba tiba jumpa duit RM 1000 tepi jalan.
Dia nak bagi seratus ja kat aku. Mr Crab!!

Oh by the way, ada orang tanya aku 'Who's ROLF?'

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I have a huge crush on this guy.

He's so cute.
But I found out that he's GAY.
Argh! Nvm. I still like him :)

Im not desperate, Im just having fun :)
'Every happy women has at least one ex behind them'.

Shit! Aku tak dak satu pon!

Queensbay Mall sucks!

I used to call that place HEAVEN, but now segala setan semua ada. Borders is no longer a place to read books but a place for lovers to date and melepak *dulu aku pon melepak jugak since kena halau serik dah but at least aku baca and beli buku okay, Coffee Bean is now a place to smoke instead of a coffee shop, semak otak aku tengok Coffee Bean. But you see, I've choice since Queensbay is the nearest mall.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rolling on the floor laughing.

Hahahahaha, I laughed so hard that I got hiccups. Bukan tu ja, perut aku sampai sakit sakit. Adik buat lawak. Hahaha. Dia humming lagu high school musical *im not sure which one. It was hilarious cause she was humming that song through her lubang hidung. And she sounded like orang sengau tengah nyanyi. Then she started making the piggy sound. Hahaaha. Bongok. And I was like 'Shukry Said, Shukry Said, hang mai tutup mulut dia ni sat' cause I couldnt stop laughing.
And tadi kami view profile minah ni, my sister's former friend. That girl is such an ass. Adik got so annoyed, Guess what she did? Dia p jentik screen laptop kat muka dia tu. HAHAHAHAHAAH. Madness!

Haihh, she's so cute :)

Forget about the past.

I chose not to remember about what I did to em, to myself. Im growing up, and being a teenager is never easy. I made a mistake. And its not gonna happen again.

I cant forgive myself for being awfully stupid.
 Sorry, N.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Friends ask why you're crying,
already have the shovel ready to bury the loser that made you cry.

My worst nightmare.

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Ughhh! I feel like listening to Gloomy Sunday *comitting suicide. Lol. I had a DREAM last night about them being together *im talking about girls right now. Mereka berbaik baik and nak jatuhkan aku. What the hell? I mean, please, even if you hated me so much, please dont do something like that okayyy. This is weird but selalunya kalau aku mimpi mesti esok mesti benda  tu akan jadi. Sounds weird right? But its trueeee! And speaking about dreams, my mum found out about me and fyzal sebab malam tu aku mengigau sebut nama Fyzal. Hahahha. Funnehh.

Okay, it was just a dream. Lol.

Friday, 14 October 2011

My angels.

My sister and Afeesya.
This morning my sister told me that last night aku mengigau sebut 'Afeesya, afeesya afeesya'.
Dont get me wrong. IM NOT A LESBIAN. lol.
It was a NIGHTMARE. Trust me. Afeesya jadi hantu kot.
This photo was taken last year by me.

Not gonna happen again.

Apa hampa nak jawab bila orang bukan Islam tanya hampa macam ni, 'Kenapa dia pakai tudung, hang tak pakai? Saya keliru'. Bukan budak budak tapi orang dewasa tanya sebab nak kepastian. As a sixteen year old girl yang ilmu agama pon ntah apa apa ni, aku just jawab 'Its not a must'. I didnt know what else to say, its just too long and complicated. COMPLICATED. Thats the word. Malu malu malu. Berdosa ka aku jawab macam tu? And sorang budak Cina ni pernah tanya 'kenapa orang Islam tak makan babi'. And she was like 'pork taste better than chicken you know, i felt pity for the muslims'. In a very sarcastic way. Tapi takkan nak cakap 'daging babi tu banyak kuman and whatsoever la bodoh'. Hmmmm.  Its not gonna happen again in the future.

Im so proud of myself.

Im so proud of myself :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

This one for Afeesya.

Menakutkan -____-' And benda ni also known as Rib sticks.
Just becareful okayyy :)

Super Sunday!

Super in a bad way, of course. Wanna know why? Yeahhh, sebab esok exam. But I think its gonna be okay cause esok Bahasa Malaysia :D
Wednesday- I dont wanna know.
Chemistry and Addmaths.


Up to you :)

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Yeahhh, its up to you. Im not forcing you or whatsoever. I've done my part though. And I WASNT PRETENDING. Maybe I was being melodramatic, emosional *apa apa ja la. Kadang kadang apa yang kita buat kita tak sedar benda tu sakitkan hati orang. Aku pon macam tu, maybe hang pon ada buat macam tu?  Maybe bukan kita ja, semua orang. Fyzal cakap 'aku suka bela kawan especially hang' and hang cakap *aku lupa status hang. Im not defending myself. Or pressure hang SEBAB AKU TAU HANG TAKKAN BACA PON POST 'Im sorry' tu. Aku okay ja tak tak fair la kan  :D

 Nvm. Lets just forget about it.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Over sangat?

I dont know. Rasa lega lepas mintak maaf. Bagitau benda betul, buang ego jauh jauh and mintak maaf. Simple :) Aku tak mau gaduh dengan orang dah. Serik serik. Ada ja masalah. Hidup dalam dosa ja aku ni. So, from now on, no more Facebook*bawak masalah ja, no more handphones.

Wish me luck :) 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Who you dicks tryna kid?

I would never do nothing to let you cowards fuck my world up.


Exams is just around the corner.

I dont wanna think about ADDMATHS, CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS. I just cant stop vomitting whenever I think about it. But I love Biology. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Being a Science stream student is never easy y'know. Im still confuse about what am I gonna be in the future. Like my mum told me,'It doesnt matter what do you want to be in the future, study first then you decide'. Yeahhh, something like that. Haihhh.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Im confused.

Dah la ada masalah dengan sorang. Suddenly, lagi sorang. I just love both of them. Ugh! Am I being so emotional? I DONT KNOW. Hey, I just know whenever you're lying.

Monday, 3 October 2011

School was awesome :D

Baru hari ni rasa sekolah macam best. Before this school was like macam bodoh and boring gila but today everything was okay, not bad. Maybe because we've moved to Bilik masakan which is nearer to the canteen. Haha. They're using my class for PMR *kinda sad though cause thats the only place in school I can sleep dengan nyenyak. Lol. Cant sleep in bilik masakan with the tong gas around me -,- but kinda cool :D
So since we've been placed in bilik masakan, we're gonna make our lunch tmr. Hahah. Vegetarian mee goreng sounds delicious. Yummmyyy :)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The not-so-perfect couple.

We're insane, we do crazy things but we love each other. Depa kata kita tak padan. Cause youre HANDSOME *jangan nak perasan and Im ugly. Depa la yang kata kan. Thanks bitch, your opinion is neither required nor desired. 

Whatever it is, you rockk b \m/