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Thursday, 29 September 2011

My lips are BLACK.

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Weirdest people -,-

photography IconsI dont know what to call em but they are the most annoying people on earth. These girls are so crazy about cameras. Theres nothing wrong with that as I love cameras too especially DSLRs. Everyone love DSLR kan? But these girls are like too much. They wanted it so much cause they think these cameras represent status. Like, sapa ada camera tu hot la and loaded. Ohh come on. Open your eyes la bitches. Grrrr. Trust me. You dont wanna know them.

photography Icons
Budak perasan hot.
Hahahahaha. They're not that....errrr.....BEAUTIFUL? I usually described them as BEAUTY WITHOUT BRAIN. Its not that they're stupid, they just dont know how to use their brains, hahaha *im not saying im perfect but you can say that :) Semua berebut nak jadi model -.- Of course la the hot guys from the COOL KIDS * i called those spoiled brats as cool kids, hahaha, of course they're not but they're kinda cute, i dont mind dating one of them though BUT I STILL HATE EM lol suka kat you all, they just adore your BOOBS    asshole. They are like chasing the guys with the DSLRs so that they can make em one of the hottest chick kat Gurneyyy. Ha, tu baru betuii. Hahahahha.

Whatever la. Just be yourself. No doubt that evryone wanna be famous kan but its not worth it.

Hey, I miss you.

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The awful truth is, I miss you. Our relationship isnt going very well at the moment. I miss the OLD you. But I just know that you will never be the guy you used to be. I wished I knew the reason. Oh yeahhh, I STILL BLAME YOU ;)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

You're such a coward.

Hahahaha, dont tell me that youre scared. If youre not so why did you delete all your I-DONT-KNOW-ANYTHING posts? You trash talked about me and you refuse to admit that the person you were talking about was actually me and all the while you were pretending that it wasnt me. So youre not just a COWARD but youre a TOTAL BITCH, and its obvious that you're just jealous of me. Seriously, GET A LIFE asshole. But since you apologized, just forget about it okay? So the next time if youre bored or jobless or whatsoever just let me know okay. And and thanks for making me famous. Afterall, I did enjoy the attentions :D

Friday, 23 September 2011

Heartless Hafizal.

After I found out about him cheating on me, I was like 'not again'. But this time, worst. He wasnt cheating with a girl but 'A FEW GIRLS'. The girl actually admitted to me about him asking her to Skype with him. It is okay if a guy who is in a relationship Skyped with someone else? He's such a jerk. But its not easy to get over him just like that and move on.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Im still in love with my childhood crush.

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He's so FUCKING CUTE. I wanted to post his picture here but he's too cute *lol. Awwww, I dont know why but since we met the other day, I think I fell in love with him again.

So, I had a crush on this boy I grew up with from such an early age that I can't remember exactly when it began. He knew my family before I was even born, as he was a few years older than me. Four years to be exact. Im not sure what were my exact feelings for him at that time, I was too young though. Whatever. This guy is fucking hawtt.  He's so dreamyy, so sweet. Awww.  Too bad I was scared to talk to him. Well, Im pretty sure Im not his type. Whatever, KEEP ON DREAMING, Iman!
 He still doesnt know about my little *but huge crush :D


Monday, 12 September 2011

Sugar glider?

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Hey, are these creatures the one that you guys are so crazy about? Or did I got the wrong animal? Lol. They're kinda cute. But YUCKS! Obviously Im not an animal lover. I got a gold fish once but it ended up committing suicide by jumping out off the small pond inside my house. Haha.

When my head lolled against his shoulder....

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It was the sweetest moment ever. Trust me. Although most of the people around us might think its just a stupid puppy love *cause we are a bit retarded plus mental plus childish, but honestly he makes me feel Im not just a stupid Iman. Sometimes he makes me feel... beautiful? Maybe, just maybe it will not last forever. I mean only God knows whats gonna happen in the future but being with him is the most wonderful thing that have ever happen in my complicated life. The only BFF I've got that I know they will never betray me are him and adik. Well, I love Afeesya and Nad but Im scared. After Azzeera, Ruwaidah, Amira and Hidayah, I swear I dont wanna lose them too.

P/s Sorry I got the wrong picture :D

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I feel so....lonesome?

UGHHHHH! Im not gonna make this blog emo just like I did to the last one. But honestly, I do feel lonely. I dont really care about my classmates. After all, I did survive without any friends last year. I just need someone to cheer me up. Im feeling so downnnn right now, and my headache is getting worst. Ughh!

Cheer up Iman, you sulked too much though.

My euphoric mood could not last.

Everything was PERFECTLY FINE until Fyzal kept asking the same question over and over again. Its pretty annoying plus irritatting whenever he does that. Okay, just forget about that. There's this guy, okay lets just call him Mr E. I dont really know this guy. Yeah, we've met once or twice before. He's quite 'famous' here, I guess *he acts like 'omg im so hot'. I know right from the start he's  one of those guy who PERASAN HOT. I hated the way he looks at people, especially people like me*well Im just an ordinary girl without flawless baby skin, pretty long hair, sexy body with big fake boobies. Okay fine, WHATEVER. So just now, I read one of Fyzal's status at Facebook. So this Mr E commented one of Fyzal's status. He was being sarcastic about me going to British Council. He was like ' kaya gila, dia kaya gila -.- perghhh!'. I was like WHAT THE FUCK I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU. Fyzal's too naive to notice him being sarcastic about us. It was pretty obvious. Ughhh! Am I too sensittive? Hmmm. Maybe.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

My sweethearts.

This is me (in the middle) with HAFIZAL BASHARUDDIN *the caps lock is purposely on hahah and my lil sister. Hanging out with these two monkeys is the best thing to do whenever I feel bored. Or mad *cause I can shout or yell at them as much as I like cause they're heartless. Hahaha, nonono. Not to Fyzal cause heartlesss is not the best word to describe him. Softhearted, maybe. Yeahh, whatever is it, his heart melting smile will surely make my day. And adik, yeah this girl is COMPLETELY HEARTLESS and SUPER STINGY. But no matter how heartless or how cute they are, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH *blueakkk. They were always there with me through the ups and downs.

P/s Awwww he is so cute. And adik too * vomit!