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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Weirdest people -,-

photography IconsI dont know what to call em but they are the most annoying people on earth. These girls are so crazy about cameras. Theres nothing wrong with that as I love cameras too especially DSLRs. Everyone love DSLR kan? But these girls are like too much. They wanted it so much cause they think these cameras represent status. Like, sapa ada camera tu hot la and loaded. Ohh come on. Open your eyes la bitches. Grrrr. Trust me. You dont wanna know them.

photography Icons
Budak perasan hot.
Hahahahaha. They're not that....errrr.....BEAUTIFUL? I usually described them as BEAUTY WITHOUT BRAIN. Its not that they're stupid, they just dont know how to use their brains, hahaha *im not saying im perfect but you can say that :) Semua berebut nak jadi model -.- Of course la the hot guys from the COOL KIDS * i called those spoiled brats as cool kids, hahaha, of course they're not but they're kinda cute, i dont mind dating one of them though BUT I STILL HATE EM lol suka kat you all, they just adore your BOOBS    asshole. They are like chasing the guys with the DSLRs so that they can make em one of the hottest chick kat Gurneyyy. Ha, tu baru betuii. Hahahahha.

Whatever la. Just be yourself. No doubt that evryone wanna be famous kan but its not worth it.

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