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Monday, 19 September 2011

Im still in love with my childhood crush.

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He's so FUCKING CUTE. I wanted to post his picture here but he's too cute *lol. Awwww, I dont know why but since we met the other day, I think I fell in love with him again.

So, I had a crush on this boy I grew up with from such an early age that I can't remember exactly when it began. He knew my family before I was even born, as he was a few years older than me. Four years to be exact. Im not sure what were my exact feelings for him at that time, I was too young though. Whatever. This guy is fucking hawtt.  He's so dreamyy, so sweet. Awww.  Too bad I was scared to talk to him. Well, Im pretty sure Im not his type. Whatever, KEEP ON DREAMING, Iman!
 He still doesnt know about my little *but huge crush :D


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