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Sunday, 11 September 2011

My euphoric mood could not last.

Everything was PERFECTLY FINE until Fyzal kept asking the same question over and over again. Its pretty annoying plus irritatting whenever he does that. Okay, just forget about that. There's this guy, okay lets just call him Mr E. I dont really know this guy. Yeah, we've met once or twice before. He's quite 'famous' here, I guess *he acts like 'omg im so hot'. I know right from the start he's  one of those guy who PERASAN HOT. I hated the way he looks at people, especially people like me*well Im just an ordinary girl without flawless baby skin, pretty long hair, sexy body with big fake boobies. Okay fine, WHATEVER. So just now, I read one of Fyzal's status at Facebook. So this Mr E commented one of Fyzal's status. He was being sarcastic about me going to British Council. He was like ' kaya gila, dia kaya gila -.- perghhh!'. I was like WHAT THE FUCK I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU. Fyzal's too naive to notice him being sarcastic about us. It was pretty obvious. Ughhh! Am I too sensittive? Hmmm. Maybe.

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