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Monday, 12 September 2011

When my head lolled against his shoulder....

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It was the sweetest moment ever. Trust me. Although most of the people around us might think its just a stupid puppy love *cause we are a bit retarded plus mental plus childish, but honestly he makes me feel Im not just a stupid Iman. Sometimes he makes me feel... beautiful? Maybe, just maybe it will not last forever. I mean only God knows whats gonna happen in the future but being with him is the most wonderful thing that have ever happen in my complicated life. The only BFF I've got that I know they will never betray me are him and adik. Well, I love Afeesya and Nad but Im scared. After Azzeera, Ruwaidah, Amira and Hidayah, I swear I dont wanna lose them too.

P/s Sorry I got the wrong picture :D

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