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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sometimes I can be very mean :)

Dear *you-dont-know-who,

Gambar-gambar hang semua ada kat kami *you know which one :) So, watch out! Dont piss us off cause you dont wanna know what we gonna do with those pictures. And dont ever think to bahan us again or treat us like we dont know anything okayy. I mean come on, we're not kids anymore. Muahahahahahaah Iman can be very meann. Bila aku reveal gambar tu baru hang tau that we're not as innocent as you think and you can simply mess up with us. Yes. we are growing up but we're not STUPID. Kan adik? :)

If you mess up with the bull, you'll get the horn.

Ohh yeahh, wanna mess with the kids? We're gonna screw you up!

P/s Clubbing is one thing, minum arak? Wow! Impressive okay ;)

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