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Saturday, 15 October 2011

My worst nightmare.

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Ughhh! I feel like listening to Gloomy Sunday *comitting suicide. Lol. I had a DREAM last night about them being together *im talking about girls right now. Mereka berbaik baik and nak jatuhkan aku. What the hell? I mean, please, even if you hated me so much, please dont do something like that okayyy. This is weird but selalunya kalau aku mimpi mesti esok mesti benda  tu akan jadi. Sounds weird right? But its trueeee! And speaking about dreams, my mum found out about me and fyzal sebab malam tu aku mengigau sebut nama Fyzal. Hahahha. Funnehh.

Okay, it was just a dream. Lol.

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