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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hey its me again.

Am I insane? Hahaha. Nope. Im completely normal. Well, I am NORMAL, am I? Lol. This is like my 10th blog? Well, who cares. So to my haters, keep hating me. This blog is like my top secret so I dont wanna anyone especially my SUPER FAT UGLY AND ANNOYING PLUS IRRITATING  schoolmates know bout this blog. But I'll make sure my super gorgeous Afeesya and MR CRAB *meet my sister will know bout this blog. My mum? Hell no. She'll go bananas if she found out about about my blog especially bout calling people BITCH of FAT PIGS or or POTATO HEAD? Hahha. Lol. So welcome to my world. Ohh, Its 9.20 pm already. Sweet dream people.

P/s You'll find out who is Hafizal in my next post *poyo ja :)

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