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Friday, 2 December 2011


Awesome. That night was awesome. It was my sister's birthdayy so we hang out at gurney. It supposed to be a party. A SURPRISE PARTY. But guess what? My mum accidentally told my sister about it, dengan detail sekali like the venue and everything. Hahaha. So we cancelled the party. Plus ramai yang tak dak. And yang p pon 7 orang. Including my sister's boyfie and his sister, they came here all the way from kl :) Sweet right? Then tengok twilight, i hate myself aku tak suka twilight tapi tengok breaking dawn terus suka. fuck. Hahah. Then kami p REDBOX. First time masuk karoke, yes. IM A LOSER. It wasnt that bad,  but aku tertidur. Haha. Ni time siang. Time malam tu LAGI BEST. OHMYGOD. We sneaked out from feesya's apartment ikut longkang. And time tu hujan. Hahahhaha. Bodoh. I love you guys.

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