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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cheer me up!

Im feeling so down right now. Ughhh! Jealous gila tengok orang ramai kawan, so everytime when they feel like talking to someone mesti ada ja orng akan dengar. Yeah, I'm FRIENDLESS. Yeah, I'm such an enormous loser. I don have real friends. They dumped me. Like I care. But sometimes it feels good when theres always somebody to hang out with. Nvm, i still have adik *bila dia tak bbm dgn shuk la kan and fyzal *hes actually a good listener bila dia tak merajuk. Oh ya, sekarang Fyzal merajuk sebab dia kata aku suka kat kawan handsome dia. Holy macaroni Semua laki aku suka kan -.-'

Bff? Bullshit.

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