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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I dont wanna wake up!

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Semalam aku mimpi dia. Wahhhh, best gila. Dalam mimpi tu, dia sembang dengan aku. And he called my name. Oh my god, he said my name. My name was said by him. Hmmmm, did anyone say my name?Oh wait, he did! Muahahahahaha. I tried to archived this moment in my mind so that I can replay it for the rest of my life, like the next time Addmaths class get particularly boring, or when my Physics teacher explain something on the whiteboard *everytime she explains something on the board everyone started to yawn. tapi aku selalu tak menguap dah, tido terus.

But it was just a dream. In reality-the way life really is, not the way it may appear to be or how I would like it to be, we only meet each other once a year and the last time we had a real conversation was years ago.

Aku bangun time azan Zohor tadi -_-'

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